When is the Right Time to Outsource Your Inbound and Outbound Sales Calls?

Ever since globalization has taken the business world by storm, call centres have arguably become the best mode of communication to connect with customers worldwide.  

Although chatbots and emails exist, customers still prefer to call businesses regarding their queries or complaints. Outbound call centres can help businesses in telemarketing, which is much more effective than traditional door-to-door marketing.

If your business is based in Toronto, you can outsource the sales calls to well-known Toronto sales support services for better lead generation and customer service. So, in today’s article, we’ll discuss when to outsource your outbound and inbound sales calls. 

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When To Outsource Your Inbound And Outbound Sales Calls?

1. Better Scaling 

In-house call centre operations can put pressure on your HR department, and you have to hire more employees to balance the work, which will inevitably lead to a scaling problem. If your HR team is overworked and experiencing severe burnout from answering the inbound and outbound sales calls, it’s time to outsource these operations to a third-party agency.

By outsourcing your sales calls to a professional call centre, you can avoid hiring additional employees to save valuable financial resources. Instead, you can invest these resources to optimize the productivity and efficiency of your business’s core processes. 

2. Accessing Skilled Personnel 

When your employees are not well-trained to perform call centre operations, your sales rates and customer relations will suffer, eventually affecting revenue collection. Furthermore, if you own a small business, you might not have sufficient resources to organize regular call centre training programmes for the employees.

Under these circumstances, outsourcing sales calls to a third-party marketing agency can be the best solution. It can help you access skilled and well-trained personnel to help with sales and marketing. Moreover, outsourcing sales calls to a professional call centre is more financially feasible than increasing your in-house workforce. 

3. Market Research  

If your sales rate is continuously dropping, you need a team that is trained and experienced in performing detailed market research. Outsourcing your outbound sales calls can be an excellent way to conduct thorough market research to understand your target customers’ requirements and demands. 

Professional call centre employees are experienced and trained in using cutting-edge software, like CRM and IVR, to build better customer relations, which can help in your market research. They conduct phone surveys and offer better customer support using these tools. So, you can optimize the operations based on the results of your market research for sales and revenue growth. 


There are several professional hybrid call centres where agents are responsible for reaching out to customers and receiving their calls. 

Outsourcing inbound and outbound sales calls to well-recognized and professional marketing agencies is an ideal way to boost marketing strategies without facing the risks of bankruptcy or employee burnout. So, contact a sales outsourcing agency to iron out all the necessary terms and conditions today!