5 Types of Cargo Better Suited for the Post Office Than Courier Services

Sending packages and other cargo is a part of modern life. With online shopping and working remotely, people rely on delivery services more than ever. Should you use the post, like your national mail carrier, or dedicated courier services when you need to ship something? While couriers boast speed and reliability, there are cases where your local post office is the smarter choice. Here are five types of cargo you are better off sending through the post office:

Types of Cargo

  1. Low-Value Items

Mailing something is likely cheaper. This is true if you need to ship something cheap or easily replaceable. Many post offices offer tracking and insurance for priority shipping but at lower rates than some of courier services. The base rate to ship a priority mail package starts under $10 for deliveries within a given region. Shipping low-value items through dedicated couriers costs more. The basic options don’t add much benefit.

  1. Heavier Packages

Shipping heavy packages with major couriers can get expensive fast, as rates are largely based on weight. However, priority mail rates at the post office exceed a certain threshold, no matter how heavy your package is. If it fits within the size limits, you’ll pay the same whether it’s 10 lbs or the maximum weight allowed. For heavier cargo, the postal service saves you money.

  1. Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes

Priority mail’s flat rate offerings are another perk that makes the post office optimal for certain cargo. No matter the distance, you’ll pay the same price to ship in a flat-rate box or envelope up to its weight limit. It’s an affordable solution for bulky or dense items that would cost you a lot more than other carriers. Flat rate boxes are free to order and available in several sizes.

  1. Oversized Items

Private couriers have size restrictions. They charge more for oversized packages. But, the post office can handle bigger cargo. You can ship items over 100 inches long and girth through retail ground or parcel select methods. If you can fit your oversized item in one of their large boxes, the post office may delivers it more cheaply than pricier couriers.

  1. Fragile Goods

You can safely send fragile items like electronics, ceramics, and glassware through the post office. For more delicate cargo, they offer additional handling to minimize impact during processing and transport. Declaring “Fragile” on a package can ensure gentler handling across their network. Couriers also reliably ship fragile goods, but postal services tend to offer more care at better values.


Shipping fragile, valuable, or time-sensitive items requires careful consideration. Postal services are affordable and convenient. Couriers are faster, more reliable, and offer specialty services. Choosing the right delivery method depends on your specific cargo and needs. However, dedicated couriers often provide the best option. This is for sensitive packages or critical shipments. If you’re wondering about courier services, right delivery partner can help you handle sensitive packages and dependable delivery of your most important cargo.