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9 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Florist

A wedding is about surprises and spending moments with the person you love. Everyone has plans for their wedding; the most beautiful is a flower wedding. You might have seen so many pages and photos online about the dreamy arrangement offered by wedding florists. 

It looks extraordinary and vibrant. You can quickly go for a flower wedding in a beautiful open location. But for that, you will need a wedding florist by your side who arranges everything and provides flower delivery north york

But before you sign up the contract, there are certain things that you need to ask your florist. So let’s bump into what those questions are. 

Wedding Florist

Is the florist available on the wedding day?

The first and foremost thing you need to check is whether the florist is available on the wedding day. If not, you don’t have to continue the interview even if you like their work. After that, however, you can ask for some recommendations.

How long have they been running this business?

You will always want someone professional and experienced to handle the wedding well and quickly solve any issues that happen during the wedding. 

Which flowers are your top choice? Share color palette, budget, and vision.

If you have already decided what color flowers you want, it is better to ask the wedding florist how they believe it would look. It is also essential that you ask about the vase and vessel options like-

  • Ceramic
  • Metallic
  • Clear glass

Have the florist worked in the same venue before?

Your wedding florist needs to work with other vendors. Like-

  • Wedding planner
  • Caterer
  • Cake designer 
  • Rental companies etc

That is why a good relationship between all the vendors will ensure you deal with everything smoothly. 

Did the wedding florist have any other wedding/event to handle on a weekend or the same day?

There is a high chance that the wedding florist you are working with might be handling some other events or weddings on the same weekend or day. That may be a red flag, especially in small businesses, so ask some follow-up questions.

Ask them for the portfolio of their work

The photos and videos will easily highlight a wedding florist’s work. As a result, it will be easy to determine whether the florist meets your expectations. You can also ask for the florist’s favorite wedding photos to determine their sense of styling. 

What is the process of a wedding florist’s work?

Now while collaborating with the wedding florist, it is better to understand their wedding planning process. Besides, if they are already planning someone else’s wedding, you can review it as a live example. 

How will a wedding florist transport the flowers? Will they work closely with the wedding sites to find the rules?

You need to ask your wedding florist, will they send someone to set the flower, or will the florist handle every on their own? Typically, it is better to hire a florist who is personally involved in your wedding decor, transports the flowers, and works on the policies. 

What is other a wedding florist will provide?

Some wedding florists also offer rental items like candelabras, vases, and votives, making planning relatively easy. 

These are some of the questions you must ask the florist before hiring one for your wedding. It will make sure your wedding goes smoothly and is memorable.