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4 things you should know about legal aid in Brampton

The Ontario government introduced the Legal Aid Service Act 1998 to create a non-profitable and publicly funded corporation that helps low-paid or financially unstable people get legal aid.

legal aid in Brampton

What is legal aid?

Legal aid is for those people who are not  financially well and can’t afford a lawyer. The government offers a legal aid program for a person in an economic crisis who are unable to hire a lawyer. This programme ensures that Canadian justice remains fair, accessible and efficient for everyone so that a person can rely on the legal system for justice.

  1. How to get legal aid services in Brampton?

You should know that the federal government does not provide legal aid itself. You have to contact your territorial and provincial legal aid plans. Their web pages are available to consult them. Here is the information of the office you can contact in case you want legal aid in Brampton:


(Legal Aid Brampton)

Legal Aid Ontario

LAO President & CEO

404-375 University Avenue

Toronto, ON M5G 2G1

2. Who can avail of the facility of legal aid in Brampton?

Here are some of the categories that will tell you who can have access to get legal aid brampton program:

Economically unstable person:

Financially burdened people accused of severe and complicated criminal offences and confronting the probability of imprisonment; procedures in accordance with Part XX.1 of the Lawbreaker Code; procedures under the Removal Act; and requests by the Crown, or in specific cases, their allure.


Young people who are under Youth Criminal Justice and facing a criminal offence can avail the opportunity to get legal aid. 

Immigrants and refugees:

The persons categorised under Immigration and Refugee Protection Act can get legal aid. The services are available in the seven provinces of Canada (Manitoba, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Ontario).

Sexual harassment:

A person who has faced sexual harassment at their workplace can have legal aid in Brampton whether or not they have an ideal financial situation.

  1. What can affect your legal aid in Canada?

Sometimes you might find hurdles that keep you from getting legal aid in Canada.


There is a certain threshold for the income of the person claiming legal aid. If you have a payment of more than that, you can not avail of the facility of legal assistance.


If you have passed the eligibility, ensure the crime you face is covered by provincial or territorial law. For example, some provinces only provide legal aid in case of family matters and not for some serious criminal code. 

Use of discretion:

Some discretion is exercised on the application of the person claiming legal aid. You will have to face legal aid officials that will make a call on whether you can get legal assistance or not.  


This article covered some significant facts about legal aid in Brampton. It is only available for persons suffering from a financial crisis who can not afford their attorney. 

We advise you to contact your territorial legal aid corporation and gather all further information regarding legal aid.