5 Key Differences Between Welding and Line Boring!

Welding and line boring are two distinct techniques used to combine components or repair damage to existing materials.

Both techniques involve cutting into the material, welding using heat, and line boring using precise tools to cut away excess material or form a new joint connection.

Knowing the differences is important when deciding which technique should be used in any given situation. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the five key differences between welding and line boring so that you can better understand when each is best employed.


1. Type of Metal Joining: Welding involves melting the metal together, while line boring will form a hole through the edges of both pieces of metal that can be joined together with bolts.

2. Heat Application: While welding and line boring involve heating metals, welding involves melting the materials together, while line boring only uses heat to increase precision cutting accuracy.

3. Joint Size/Tolerance: Welding offers greater flexibility in joint size. It utilizes heat to bend and shape metals into whatever size is needed for a joint. Still, line boring offers higher precision by cutting directly into metal edges for tighter joints requiring smaller gaps between connecting parts.

4. Accessibility: One of the major advantages of welding is its accessible nature – it can be done almost anywhere – while line boring requires more specialized equipment making it harder to access without being in a professional shop environment or having specific tools on hand.

5. Equipment Needed: Welders require torches, welding wire, rods, helmets, gloves, etc., compared to drills and milling bits for line boring, which may only sometimes be available at home or nearby shops depending on how specialized your project is.


Understanding when to use each technique – welding vs. line boring – comes down to knowing their primary applications and unique pros and cons, which we outlined above. With these distinctions, you can decide how best to proceed with any metal joining project.

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